Carton Award

Finalist 2014

Valentine Giftbox – Nivea Creme, Limited Edition


Carton Producer: Schut Hoes Cartons
Brand Owner: Beiersdorf
Structural Designer: Schut Hoes Cartons
Graphic Designer: Beiersdorf
Cartonboard Manufacturer: BillerudKorsnäs

Three for the heart!

Beiersdorf wanted a Valentine gift packaging for three small Nivea crème packs in the shape of a heart. The “Time to Market” was only three months. The heart, with three packs in one differentiates it clearly from the competition on the shelf. The new design allows printing on both sides and lends the packaging a natural “green” look and feel. The customer was extremely impressed by the originality of the packaging.


Most innovative carton 2013

Deltaclip International


Carton Producer: Schut Hoes Cartons
Brand Owner: Deltaclip International
Structural Designer: Deltaclip International
Graphic Designer: Deltaclip International
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Stora Enso

Sustainable grip

The challenge was to create a sustainable alternative to one of the world’s best-known and most-used products: the paper clip invented in 1867. A sustainable alternative to a classic – equivalent in function and at the same low cost. The result was the Deltaclip by Schut Hoes Cartons and Deltaclip International: it meets all these criteria. The extremely small product is manufactured in large quantities and folded asymmetrically: a challenge for production and a brilliant solution by Schut Hoes Cartons.

Most paper clips are made of metal and hold sheets of paper together by using force. The Deltaclip employs a different principle: a folding technique is used instead of force, giving strong and reliable grip. The FSC-certified cartonboard used is not only considerably more sustainable than metal, there are also no limits to graphic design and printing with logos, photos or illustrations. And of course, individual labelling is possible – as alternative to the well-known “Post-it”.

Jury Comments:

The Judges had never seen this type of construction before and whilst initially it looked small, it worked really well. Made entirely of cartonboard it holds up to 15 sheets of paper securely together with one simple fold an begin made of cartonboard, can also be written on to provide the user the opportunity to make notes on the contents. It can replace the more conventional metal paper clip and so when papers using this are discarded, there is no metal to remove prior to recovery and recycling. The judges felt that this was an excellent example of creative thinking and design that worked perfectly whilst looking deceptively simple.